Molly Ivins


Molly Ivins was a hell raiser! For her day job she was a journalist in Texas. Molly “used her razor-sharp wit to speak truth to power while giving a voice to those who didn’t have one. Calling out corrupt politicians who were backed by corporate bosses was great sport for Molly, and many of her targets loved being in her columns” ( She was syndicated in about 350 papers, and she wrote several hilarious, and provocative books. “She was rowdy and profane, but she could filet her opponents with droll precision” ( Even for those who hate politics, she is worth reading. In 2007, she died at age 62 after waging “a public battle against breast cancer” ( above). For those of us who came of age in the era of Bush, it is hard to put into words just how important Molly’s writing was. Lord knows we could use her now!

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